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Practicing and learning French online is simple and very effective. Each session is customized to your specific needs so it helps you to achieve your French language goals. Sessions schedule is flexible and adjusted to your schedule non matter how it changes.


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Group classes are facilitated by experienced tutors and adapted to all levels starting beginners 2. Group  classes are perfect to review specific topics of grammar, practice presentation, discuss real life situation, complement self-study programs.


Starting to learn French is easy with structured online lessons which guide you to develop listening skills, acquire vocabulary to use in real life situations, understand and recognize language structure to help you communicate easily. 

Speak and study French online! 

Online French lessons are great for :
  • starting to learn and communicate in French
  • exchanging conversation in French
  • reviewing French grammar
  • practicing pronunciation
  • learning cultural and linguistic issues in various francophone regions
  • getting help to work in French environment
French Tutor classes help you to
  • prepare for French evaluation programs (schools, job interviews, international organizations, Canada immigration, France citizen test…)
  • practice French for work, personal interestbusiness or international living
  • get help in  French assignments and exams (SAT, homework, etc.) and studying for French tests such as DELF,  DALF, TCF, Praxis
  • assist your business and employees to acquire French language to perform at work

At any time, access French language resources to practice for FREE!

French resources are available for FREE from this website. Select from the left menu the topic of French you want to practice. Exercises contain reading/understanding, review of grammar, listening/comprehension, practice French tests preparation as well as cultural and social topics related to French and francophone regions.

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Daniela(Italian Teacher), West Virginia, USA says about French Tutor – “Evelyne is an amazing tutor. She understood my needs right away and tailored her lessons accordingly. She possesses great teaching strategies aimed to teach how to communicate efficiently paying attention to the grammar. She is patient and full of resources. She was not fiscal with the 45 minutes. She always made sure we finished what we were doing. An amazing tutor and a very nice person at a very fair price. I am a FL teacher and I have a lot of experience taking FL classes and teaching FL. You cannot go wrong with her because she CARES!!!! Thank you Evelyne!”


Rodney,  (Adjunct Professor/University of West Los Angeles), Los Angeles, CA, USA says about French Tutor  “I recently completed ten lessons with Evelyne. I am deeply impressed with Evelyne’s patience and preparation. The experience was extremely rewarding. The conversations improved my French and increased my confidence. Evelyne creates an environment where mistakes are welcomed and professionally corrected. That’s huge. I learned correct pronounciation and definitions through Evelyne’s professionalism and pleasant demeanor. Amazing experience.”


RichardOhio, USA says about French Tutor – “In spring 2013 I began studying French in an attempt to pass the U.S. State Department foreign language test. I was referred to Evelyne by a friend and began meeting her via Skype 1-2 times per week.

Throughout my months of work with Evelyne, I was consistently impressed by her preparedness, her knowledge (not only of French, but also of foreign affairs and other topical subjects), her patience and her professionalism.

I recently took and passed the State Department French language oral exam. This result would never have occurred without Evelyne’s  assistance. I cannot endorse her strongly enough.”


BetsyMaine, USA says about French Tutor- ” I started my French lessons with Evelyne in December 2012 and have met with her on a weekly basis since that time. My objective was to improve my spoken fluency and listening comprehension. I also hoped to expand my vocabulary through the reading and discussion of topics.  Evelyne has presented varied and stimulating subjects for reading, practice, and analysis, and I have made great strides with her help.  She is a gentle, competent, responsive, and reliable teacher, and I highly recommend her.  I have worked with many French tutors, and Evelyne is the one with whom I have had the most success.  I feel more confident and capable with my French thanks to her.”


Ronald(Systems Programmer) Baltimore, MD, USA says about French Tutor – ” Studying French with Evelyne has help me to focus more on learning the language. I needed someone to practice with. And she’s giving me good practice. She’s patient and very encouraging. I am inspired. I know sooner or later I will be a good french speaker with her guidence. She supplies me with supplemental material to prepare me for my next lessons. I really enjoy studying with Evelyne.”


JamesLiverpool, England says about French Tutor – ” I have completed 20 lessons with Evelyne and I am totally thrilled with the results. My aim was to remove the embarrassing pauses in conversation when searching for the appropriate word and to improve the structure of my spoken French and the use of appropriate conjugation.

The subject matter Evelyne uses for conversation classes is very current and tailored to be challenging to get the best out of you skill set and interesting so as to keep you totally engaged.

She has not only helped my French speaking but also my understanding of French culture and current affairs. I’m truly thinking from a French perspective when I’m learning with Evelyne!!

Evelyne’s aim of getting you to speak French and keep you speaking really works. I heartily recommend her to you whatever your level.”


Suzanne(semi-retired, partial consulting with “Life’s NExt Steps”) Toronto, ON, Canada says about French Tutor – “Evelyne has easily been able to connect with me and ask questions about my daily life. We discuss what I have done and she helps me express myself more concisely and correctly. I feel tremendously more at ease in speaking after working with Evelyne for only two sessions! Thanks, Suzanne”


LeslieTacoma, WA, USA says about French Tutor – “Evelyne was extremely helpful. She paced her speaking to match my level. She is amazingly patient and a very good teacher. I was studying for the DELF A1 and was especially nervous about the oral part. Evelyne helped me through lots of practice that was pertinent to the class I was attending and to the exam. I highly recommend her as a French tutor. (BTW – I passed my exam with a high score – I know Evelyne’s tutoring helped me score as well as I did.)”


RosemaryAdelaide, Australia says about French Tutor –  “I find Evelyne to be a sympathetic and knowledgeable teacher. I lack confidence in French conversation and Evelyne is helping me to overcome this problem. She also helps me in certain areas of grammar where I need more skill, understanding and practice.”


Kathleen, (Self-employed biotechnology entrepreneur)New York, NY, USA says about French Tutor- “I think Evelyne is a wonderful teacher and I fee very fortunate to have found her.  My French is really at the beginner level and, although I am not at all fluent, Evelyne both teaches and encourages.  No matter how much I whine she insists that I am doing well and, thereby, shames me into continuing to try!  Finally, she is a very nice person, and working with her has been an unanticipated benefit of my project to learn to speak French.”


Mia, New York, NY, USA says about French Tutor – “Taking the classes helped me a great deal with reading and verb usage. I liked it so much I may take one again in the future! I highly recommend it.”


Karen, (Editor), Pittsburgh, PA, USA says about French Tutor – “Taking the classes helped me a great deal with reading and verb usage. I highly recommend it.”


Ken (Artist), USA says about French Tutor – “Evelyne is a great teacher. She is so friendly and nice, and makes me feel very comfortable as I try to put my mind towards the difficult process of learning French conversation. She really makes the hard work easier with such a positive way!”


Florin, (Engineer), France says about French Tutor- “I intended to write this in French, but I’ll have a few more lessons before doing that.  I’ve contacted Evelyne after a brief search over the internet as I needed French lessons and practice for my recent moving to France. Practicing with Evelyne definitely helped improving my very low conversation skills. Schedule flexibility, lots of exercises and french texts available on this website, verbs conjugation and translator are only some of the reasons why I strongly recommend Evelyne for French practicing.  I, myself will soon restart regular lessons with Evelyne to continue improving my skills.”


Mark, Switzerland says about French Tutor – “Time flies with Evelyne. She know how to make you feel at ease and create the safe environment you need to feel confident to use the language in the best you can. I feel every hour I work on my French with her is a step forward.”


Kristina, (Legal Assistant), USA says about French Tutor – “I’ve only had one lesson so far with Evelyne but she was a great teacher and I have another lesson with her booked already.  She’s patient and offers very helpful corrections for grammar and vocabulary.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn French.”


Jeff, Toronto, ON, Canada says about French Tutor – “I enjoy my French lessons with Evelyne very much. She immersed me in French most of the lesson so as to force me to answer in French. I found this to be very helpful.She is an excellent Tutor.”


Kim, Denver, CO, USA says about French Tutor – ” Evelyne is a great tutor. I was very nervous about trying to speak French first, but within the first session, she had helped me to relax and to use the bits of the language that I know. I’m looking forward to our next lessons!”


Maia, Istanbul, Turkey says about French Tutor – “Evelyne is so patient, friendly, understanding, and helpful.  She’s really cooperative, understanding, and does everything heartily to give the utmost benefit.”


Ying, Los Angeles, CA, USA says about French Tutor – “Evelyne is always very well-prepared to provide the most productive lesson possible. She encourages and challenges me to use new expressions and vocabulary. The readings and exercises she sends are also extremely helpful.”

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